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complaints complaints

don't get me wrong, i love it here. there are some things i just really feel the need to bitch about, so here goes.

1). I hate that our beloved campus food costs so damn much. Why can't we just get a piece of cardboard and smear some ketchup on it? It would taste the same and be a hell of a lot cheaper. Eating healthier seems to be a hell of a lot more expensive. You can get the 2 pound and heart attack at 40 combo for 2 dollars, but when you want a salad or a sandwich, or something else with less than 800 calories, it's gonna cost you six bucks. Bottom line, those of us doing Weight Watchers, South Beach, or calorie elimination are just shit out of luck.

2). I hate that our campus is over run with children. Everywhere you look- legislative school with immature high school children, orientation and all the rising freshmen that think they are college students (don't fuck with me- just b/c you're enrolled here for fall doesn't make you a college student. i'm a junior.); those damn football camp middle schoolers, the tots doing swim lessons at Breese, and the ballerinas that hang out in the Breese dance studio and have taken over the Centennial Drive Subway. Argh! There was a line at Brown, for Pete's sake. There is never a line at Brown, cause it sucks. I actually didn't have time to eat there because they were all lined up outside the door and I had a class to get to.

3). I hate that Chancellor Bardo has very cleverly re-routed his roads through campus to showcase all the new buildings he has built. I really hate that he has complicated our campus. Why can't we have a road running through the middle of it like we used to? Oh yeah- because pedestrians are safer this way. If you'd learn not to walk out in front of cars without looking, you wouldn't get hit by cars. It's as simple as that. NC State has a damn 4 lane highway running through the middle of their campus. I mean, really!

4). I hate that WCU spends money on athletics and aesthetics instead of things we actually need, like renovated dorms and classroom buildings, along with more parking and better food. Instead, we are getting 2 new softball fields we don't need. We lost 43 parking spaces, (behind the UC), and they are now building a parking garage. Why didn't they wait to convert those 43 spaces after they'd completed the parking garage? They do stupid things like that around here all the time. I really hate the administration here. It's getting better though. Since I've come to school here, I've noticed that you can ask 4 members of the administration the exact same question and get about 6 different answers. WTF?
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